Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don't Feel Ashamed to Confess Your Mistakes!

Jesus wants to tell us:

How do you come and take Me as Holy Communion when you ignore My will? Many times you approach in a showy manner, although you do not accept to repent with humility, or feel ashamed to confess your mistakes.  Have you ever imagined a greater humiliation than the one I suffered when they took off My clothes, when they dishonored Me, when they swore at Me and when they put  Me up on the Cross in the most disrespectful  way? Is there a greater humiliation than this?” When have you ever suffered such humiliation? And yet you do not want to suffer even the slightest humiliation, to simply confess the mistake you have made and say: “My God, My Father, forgive me for what I have done”.

And not only you feel ashamed to confess your mistakes with humility to your confessor priest, but also you do not confess these things even to Me, although you know that nobody can see you, nobody can criticize you or  comment on you.  You do not even raise your eyes towards Heaven to say: “My God, forgive me for making this mistake” and beg for My mercy and My forgiveness. You do not even do this…


Nobody prevents you; only your unfaithfulness and lack of faith. Because if you knew that I exist and guide your life, you would think of nothing else. But immediately after you have made the mistake, you should let your soul kneel so that I would listen to My child’s sweet voice.  I like listening to you saying you are sorry because this action is like perfume rising to Heaven. Very few perfumes rise to Heaven…And why don’t people apologize anymore?  They are too selfish to do so!

You are so trapped in the Devil’s constructed satanic technique that you do not realize how much you damage yourself when you get angry, when you swear, when you become furious, when you are cruel, when you are jealous and when you criticize others. You have not understood this. These are the mistakes that are bitter for My heavenly Father. Why don’t you kneel? Why don’t you apologize? Why don’t you let your soul confess your mistake so that I can show mercy on you?

Write down your mistakes now and confess them. Write them down because you forget them the moment you say them out loud.  Write them down and pray to your heavenly Father:
«See, My Father, I have done this and that».

And when repentance reaches the deepest parts of your heart, then you will come full of humility and without fear to confess to My servants, the spiritual fathers. Then they will raise their hands to heaven and will reverse the powers of darkness and will offer you, with the power and the authority I have given them, eternity through the coming of My Holy Spirit.

An extract from a sermon preached by Fr Elpidios Vagianakis.

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